Below is a testimonial from Elaine Mankelow (a member of PMGC) who recently got fitted for a new set of PING Serene clubs and has been reaping the rewards since:

Painless procedure

"I reflect back now on why I hesitated so long to change my clubs! The set of irons I had been using were second hand all of those years ago when I first joined Milton in the starters section. I listened to the cries of agony and the gnashing of teeth when people changed their clubs. And consequently I continued to shelve the idea. If Rory McIlroy had struggled with his new clubs why would I fare any better?

However this year I was determined so I booked an MOT with our pros and chatted to them. Could this procedure be as seamless as they described ??
Well let me assure you this was painless.
Adam took me into the bays with some demo irons, having previously worked out how I hit the ball. I tried a couple of sets and almost immediately felt really comfortable with the PING clubs.I was then encouraged to try out the different coloured clubs to find the one to suit my swing. Amazingly they went straight every time, and with expert advice I was able to pick out 2 rescue clubs to match the set.

I was encouraged to borrow the demo clubs to try out as often as I wished and had a final session with Andy where I was able to try them out again with no pressure.

Now I have had the set a few weeks I am hoping to work with the pros on how far I hit each club, as they certainly go much further than my old set.

How lucky we are to have 2 professionals able to give us such guidance and encouragement. Had I realised changing clubs was so easy and painless, I could have been on at least my third set of clubs by now!!!!"

Thanks so much Adam and Andy.

Elaine Mankelow